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Taking a look back at 1 year of For Locals Crown Heights

Taking a look back at 1 year of For Locals Crown Heights

What a year of Locals it has been! So many talented people from in-and-around Crown Heights, it amazing! 


It's just been a year since our first ever For Locals By Locals Crown Heights event, and I would like to take these next three posts, to put the year in review. 

It all began back in June 2012, when I was groveling over an idea for an event to put together, that will really showcase the growth of talent our neighborhood of Crown Heights, was engulfing. While at the same time, offering a place for locals hang out and meet their neighbors. Funny enough, the first For Locals was meant to happen with fellow neighborhood pioneer, Cool Pony. At the time, Cool Pony, - a vintage shop - was brand new to the sprouting Franklin Ave. scene, and had already hosted some local musicians. After a meeting with owners Craig and Ari, we agreed for Wednesday night's to host our weekly FLBL series. Then, just as we linked up with curating partners,The Hoover Dam Collective. BOOM, one week before the event, a series of  unfortunate events at Cool Pony, forced us to fall back on the then, very, very raw Mister Rogers

On the topic of Mister Rogers, I would like to take a moment to thank, and really show appreciation to my fellow partners, whom have been super supportive, and have been monumental in the creation and execution of this For Locals; Ruvi Leider, and Schneur Menaker, many many thanks for your hours of hard work and dedication! 

So, with an extremely dusty and under construction venue, For Locals By Locals, Series I, was underway. 

Series I, Event i, featured the talent of:             Event photos in link are credit to Breegan Kearney: 

After a very successful first event, event ii brought a new waive of talent. It featured:

Event iii is when the word in the neighborhood really started getting out, and locals from surrounding areas started coming too! We also linked with Lincoln Motors, who displayed their brand new 2014 Lincoln MKZ on our sidewalk.

 Event iii artists are:

Event photos

By event iv, things steaming up by adding local cinematography artists to the mix. Tons of fresh faces were showing up, excitement was building around the event and we topped our crown attendance to 150 locals!

event Iv featured:

Powering along here... Event v, kept the high level of entertainment that has become unanimous with our For Local events, featuring visual art and all musical acts.

Event v featured:

  • Myshlenka Photography showcasing photo's on a journey
  • David Joaquim Correria (gallery showcase)
  • Eitan Akman (music)
  • Matt Simons (music)
  • Flow State (music)
  • Fort Vine (music)
  • Tom Wolfson (music)
  • Flier design by Esther Shechtman

To bring the series to a close, came event vi. At this point I was not present for the event, as I was journeying across country to Nevada, for Burning Man!

Leaving things in the hands of my trusty partners, event vi featured:

  • Marcel Bornstein (painter)
  • Sara Erenthal (painter)
  • Todd Anderson (poetry)
  • Ian Michael Feulner (poetry)
  • Theo Boguszewski (dance) 

  • Music - The Stacks
  • Music - Jasper Lewis 
  • Music - The Whistleblowers

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is a wrap for series I. I will be posting about series II & III, following this wonderfulness. 

Many thanks to ALL the talent, and of course to the Locals, who make these events amazing!


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