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Three Thousand Rivers - lucked out super hardcore

Three Thousand Rivers - lucked out super hardcore

 From left to right - Jack Cashion, Warren Leogering, Nick Demirjian, Noam Hassenfeld and Hanna Choi

From left to right - Jack Cashion, Warren Leogering, Nick Demirjian, Noam Hassenfeld and Hanna Choi

A story of coincidence? I think not! 

Three Thousand Rivers has a number of coincidences and commonalities, that unintentionally bond this band and its members. Follow along with me, as I run through a brief history and share this bands synergy both as a group and as individuals. 

At its most complete, this band is a really new collaboration. Its most out spoken member and the leader of the group, is Noam Hassenfeld (not to be mistaken as Noah), the guitarist, song-writer and front singer, whose actual instrument is percussions and drums, not guitar. Picking up the drums at age 9, he was focused more on funk and latin rhythms, but after studying in Indonesia for a summer he broadened his horizons on the concept of percussion as an instrument of melody and experimented in non-western drumming during his college years.  

Hanna Choi, the bands sweet-heart and crowd heartbreak, is a classically trained violinist and pianist who got started by learning the Suzuki Method at the ripe age of 4.  Being a very reserved musician, she preferred to play her music solo and rarely ventured to performing in a group or explore other forms of musical interpretations, well until college that is. Boom, 14 years later, the cosmic energies shifted as she started dabbling in other musical mediums, meeting Noam at a shared class on African drumming. 

Nick Demirjian, a jazz drummer started at age 9, is also breaking out of his traditional medium while still keeping true to the sophisticated drum patterns demanded from a jazz drummer. He says "I'm used to the jang-chang-alang of jazz percussion, but when Noam had written out his African influenced beats for me, it was totally different and different in a good way". 

Jack Cashion, saxophonist and banjo player also starting at age of 9, mostly training in jazz ensembles with his sax throughout out elementary school. In his high-school years he was part of a blues band, followed by motown gigging during college in the Boston area.  "I alway really enjoyed playing sax not in a jazz setting, but applying it and playing with other instruments that were beyond a jazz quartet" these were his words on his performance flexibility. Jack has performed in numerous genres, from jazz, to soul and funk, to rock and blues.  

Warren Loegering - the bass player also picked up piano at age 9, it was later in elementary school that he picked up the bass and rocked out to classic rock, punk-rock and other forms of rock n roll, developing his reputation as a bad-ass bassist.  

Now that we've covered everyone's background let's point out some obvious similarities, because there's lots of them! 

1) They all started super young, most at age 9

2)Most are not playing their original instruments

3) They all meet and came to be because of Noam's super powers

Here's their short history.

Noam musically stalks Hanna in college while sharing a percussion class----> Hanna agrees to join ----> Noam, Hanna and Roisin (no longer an active member) create Three Thousand Rivers ----> Nick joins after a fill-in ----> Jack and Warren join because of Noam's roommate's high praise ----> band officially performs as 5 members -----> show 1 & 2 ----> For Locals By Locals. 

Yes, a very short history indeed. Skipping all the hours and hours of rehearsals and jam sessions, song-writing and instrument noting, but most importantly, this band is fresh, they are great and they will be performing at tomorrow's For Locals By Locals xii event at Mister Rogers!

Don't just take my word for it... listen to one of their dynamic songs that I posted below, they speak for themselves. O also, for all you hardcore fans, their interview audio is amazing!

See you tomorrow at 8pm!

Here is our audio interview.

Warp - forward thinking mixed with a nostalgic relationship

Warp - forward thinking mixed with a nostalgic relationship

For Locals By Locals xii