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Out Of System Transfer - new neo-old time

Out Of System Transfer - new neo-old time

Jon Good - trombone & vocals, Jesse Sternberg - acoustic guitar, vocals & song-writer, Danielle Kolker - ukulele, clarinet & backup vocals, Jesse Jacobsen - Bass guitar & lead guitar and Eric Dryburgh - Drums - together make Out Of System Transfer!

As a band coming from a new collaboration with Mama Coco's Funky Kitchen - at its most grandiose and ambitious - a music collective, production house, DIY digital record label, and party throwing organization. I asked the group to describe their music in few words. "We use the phrase 'New Neo - Old time' as a common way to describe our style, broken down by Old-time music having its revival in the 70's, with reference bands like The Holy Modal Rounders and David Peel from the psychedelic rock era, would be called Neo Old-time, and we're a revamping of that. So essentially a revamping of a revamping."

Although they consider themselves "New Neo-Old time", the band unites with an array of musical influences from the Anti-folk and the Folk-punk scenes. But at its truest, the band unites as a politically motivated group, joining riots and protests, and showing support to causes like feminism, making it a point as true folk artists, to play for a cause.

Each member has a unique background starting with, Jesse Sternberg, the founding member. So let's start by meeting the band mates and we'll end with a song they wrote called 'I Shot President McKinley,' a song that truly represents the band and its energy. 

Jesse Sternberg, started off with piano as his first instrument, then quickly related to the guitar at 14. His says, "like most young teenagers, I found solace in the punk-rock and SKA scene, then later upon discovering weed, I mellowed out and started developing more musical tastes". 

Connecticut born Jon Good says, "I was a 13 year old loser who desperately wanted to rock, but I only played the trumpet". Fortunately for him, ska music was getting popular at the time, opening the platform for him to get "little Hannah to hold my hand." In this band, John plays trombone, showing that he is a prolific double musician, but is primarily a trumpet player. 

Danielle Kolker's parents started her off with her own guitar after they had enough of her playing on theirs. Despite growing up heavily influenced by folk music, specifically by Pete Seeger (who was her Mom's guitar teacher), she became a very serious classical clarinet player in her early teens, studying in the Manhattan School of Music pre-college. Feeling alienated in that atmosphere, she found comfort, creatively and personally, in Punk Rock, no longer feeling restrained by "society's expectations". Danielle went on to pick up the ukelele, which she now plays in the band, in addition to the clarinet.

Jesse Jacobsen, also stared with piano lessons as a kid, but found himself more comfortable with the guitar. Although he plays the bass in this group, he is and still considers himself a guitar player. Through his continued development, it was in college that he recalls really felling more like a true bassist, no longer playing it for its similarity in the guitar. We didn't talk about his musical preferences, but it was noted by his bandmates that he is largly credited for driving the group rhythmically, in specific when drums is lacking, like in our For Locals show.

Eric Dryburgh, the bands drummer, was not present for the interview nor will be for their FLBL performance. Eric is a New Jersey born drummer, largely influenced by the ska and Punk rock scene and credited for the bands driving rhythms. 

Out Of System Transfer will be performing at tonight's For Locals By Locals xiii event at Mister Rogers, join us and rock out to their music and energy! Doors open at 8pm.

Article by Avi Werde - Photo by Ruvi Leider Photography

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