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Rachel Deutsch - pattern here pattern there pattern everywhere

Rachel Deutsch - pattern here pattern there pattern everywhere

 Rachel Deutsch - pattern here pattern there pattern everywhere

Rachel Deutsch - pattern here pattern there pattern everywhere

Recent Art-School Grad, print maker, print nerd and print enthusiast, are just a few of the things Rachel Deutsch, would consider herself.

Before continuing, I need to make a note - This is the second article I'm writing with the specific preface to a subculture fully immersed in our daily lives and only fully appreciated by few and mostly under appreciated by the masses. The first article was from last week's freeform solo bass performer Brandon Lopez, we had a very in-depth conversation about the rich history of the bass as a solo instrument. The reason I bring this up, is to enrich the reader with the knowledge of an insider, gaining a deeper appreciation for the art like I have. 

Look around you, how many of you have a patterned quilt, blanket, duvet cover, wallpaper, a carpet, a mosaic, or anything with a patterned design really? Now, how much do you know about that design? My point exactly!

In this profile, Rachel will go through how she takes pattern making very much to heart, as she gently walks us newb's into her world. 

A brief short history: 

Originating in China, the first silk printing process was started on silk fabrics, clearly taking the name Silk-Screen. In the early 1900's the process was revolutionized to make synthetic textiles, using a nylon mesh like material still in use to this day. Rachel ventured to say, that majority of todays textiles are make with this same process of silk screening, so that means most of your patterns are a derivative of this medium.   

For Rachel, her passion for the art and eventual move to art school, was for her a no brainer. Having Grandparents in the textile industry, she relays how she was constantly surrounded by fabrics and materials, being engrossed in all sorts of patterns and designs, even frequenting their warehouse and having the ability to explore all its facets. 

When starting art school, her intended goal was to be a painter as she explored all possible mediums in her freshman year. However upon transferring to SMFA, she says " I was a sophomore when I started print making, but once I discovered the silk-screen, it was game over!".

Her first major design direction can from the Bauhaus, a School in Germany best known for its influence on the industry called the 'Bauhaus movement'. The movement is credited for bridging the relationships of fine art, textile design and architecture, taking the highly skilled crafts and feeding its post WW II economy with a form of mass production. Although the Bauhaus movement offers lots of knowledge into the many mediums of the art,  it's contemporary deign that really captivates Rachel. She gives major credit for this direction to artist and designer Zoe Latta, inspired by here direction of experimental designs in both silk-screening and fashion-line 'Eckhaus Latta'.  She also gives credit to artists like Mike Perry and Dusen Dusen, both screen printers who work on everything medium from album covers to fashion-lines and basically what ever they can get their hands on.

Rachel says she is really proud to consider herself part of today's silk-screening industry, as the craze for the art is on full swing and the expansion of its credibility is glorifying.

At today's For Locals By Locals xi event, Rachel will be presenting a new body of work in the gallery, inspired by the history of quilts and layered collages combining a form of gouache painting with photos she's taken and random ephemera, in addition to a series of silk-screen prints that are layered and are the beginning steps of this new line of work. 

Join us tonight to Mister Rogers and check out Rachel's fantastic range of work, doors open at 8pm. 

For Locals By Locals xii

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