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hillary jones (band) - brooklyn energy

hillary jones (band) - brooklyn energy

hilary jones band from left to right - Ilya Shikh, Ryan Warner, Edward Zisk & German Lucas

hilary jones band from left to right - Ilya Shikh, Ryan Warner, Edward Zisk & German Lucas

In this profile, I surface the entertaining way each of these members met, their amazing energies, their individual histories, and being that this is being presented post-show, I include a short review of their recent 'FLBL' performance. Exciting stuff! 

The hilary jones band (purposely spelt all lowercase and with one l), consists of - in order it was said in the interview - German Lucas (pronounced her-non)— on bass guitar, Ilya Shikh - on drums, Edward Zisk - Band leader/singer/guitarist and Ryan Warner - on keys/vocals.

Somewhat an alternative indie-rock(ish) band, it's a recent collaboration and a direct result of Craigslist advertising. Ed, a child of Russian conservatory musicians, immigrated to New York when he was just a child. Although he picked up the guitar at 12, it wasn't until years later that he recalls really gearing up to take the instrument seriously. "My transformation is credited to an "outer-body experience" (phrased a bit different in the audio interview - listen below), that led me to confidently pursue writing music as a serious agenda" He says.

When Ed was finally ready to expand his musical horizons, he put up a ad on Craigslist, looking for like minded musicians, hoping for the best. Well, as fate had it, he got the best. Answering one of his ads with a super articulated email with the desire to collaborate, come from member Ryan Warner; a musician with a journey of his own. Here's the flip side to that story. 

Ryan Warner, primarily the keys player in the band, started his musical endeavors on the guitar that was given to him as a Christmas present at age 19. he says "I had this book that taught chord fingerings, so as soon as I was able to make three chords, I was like... fuck the book, if I can play other peoples songs I want to write my own!".  Leaving law-school in North Dakota, to attended Berklee College of Music in Boston. He studied there for the next few years, during which he picked up the bass and keys, got married, then eventually moved to NY. Roughly a year and a half later... the craigslist ad was answered.

They meet somewhere in Union Square, " he just had a really good energy, I could tell by our first meeting that we was headed in a direction that I liked" Ryan recalls. From there on out, it was 'hilary jones' history. 

We're not done with Craigslist yet... Next came German Lucas, the basses for the band. German, recalls his interest as follows, " I started by picking up the guitar a few years back, but then quickly switched to the bass feeling much more comfortable with that. When I was reviewing Ed's Craigslist ad, he had included a few links of song ideas he was working on and one song in particular called 'Winners Clutches' really drew me in, compelling me to respond. 

Ilya, the newest member in the group, eventually joined after the band had already been through a few drummers. Brought together by a mutual friend for a jam session, it was there that Ed approached him and asked if he would join the band. "What I like about the band, they are very dynamic and they keep things fresh, they go from genre to genre to genre and that was attractive to me, as it helps me make learn and make use of my diverse skills" say Ilya. 

When asked what we can expect from the band at the upcoming FLBL event, they all unanimously laughed and said, "expect a lot of sweat and energy from Ed!'. 

The hilary jones band has recently performed on at our latest ‘For Locals By Locals x’ event on the 25th of February, so if you haven't caught their show, here is what you missed.  

What a great show the whole event was! I originally wanted to wrote a whole proper review, but time wasn't on my side, so Im glad for this little chirp. 

Closing out the night came the hilary jones band, a true Brooklyn group playing an eclectic and high energy performance. This band killed it! Ed totally filled his promise of sweating profusely, dripping from his contagious and mass amounts of good energy. The crowd went crazy for this band, everyone who was in the room was completely enthralled, dancing and jumping around until the very last song, job well done!

Stay tuned for more great artists at our next event, For Locals By Locals xi taking place at Mister Rogers on March 15th, doors open at 8. 

Article written by Avi Werde - Photos by Schneur Menaker Photography

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