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Kalup Linzy - one man multiple evolving persona's

Kalup Linzy - one man multiple evolving persona's


Kalup Lizny, a neighbor, is the quintessential performer that captures the the essence of For Locals By Locals.

Its not an easy task, describing the many personas Kalup engulfs throughout his performance career. So to begin to grasp him, I'll need to bring you back to his college years and childhood influences. 

Rooted from his childhood ambitions, where he would actively participate in church and school plays as often as he could. He acknowledged that people were drawn to him, perhaps more so for his performances then his singing, but he admits that he didn't particularly feel singing was his strong suite at the time. It wasn't until late in high-school, when he was given the opportunity to be mentored, that he started to pursue performing as a career. 

Kalup says, "This all really started for me in graduate school, that's where I began forming my many personas" Doing his under-graduate and graduate, in the university of Tampa, Florida. He reflects most pertinently on the period leading to his thesis, where to really get the grade, it was all about self-exploration and individuality. To do so, he began looking at his heritage, himself, and where he would like this all to lead him. The result led to on-going journey, which I myself, am beginning to unravel.     

For his thesis, Kalup created a film, or more truly, a pilot to an on-going soap opera. Its core story line is about an African-American family, where the grandmother holds the family together, as her over-barring daughter - a mother of 4, each with their own personality and struggles, as written out below. The show was called 'all my churen', and is linked on the bottom of this article, to truly get the sense of his work.

 His unique approach was made, by pre-recording all the lines of all of the characters himself and acted 6 of the 8 roles.  

The roles consisted of:

LellaBell - Grandmother and matriarch

Nora Lee - Over-baring and over pertective mother

Jada - Eldest Daughter with unresolved family issues and works away from home

Tyrone - Second Child and heterosexual soul singer with three kids

Taiwan - Gay and reserved struggling with his sexuality

 Nucuavia - Youngest and a hochie-mama

To summarize, Kalup took his childhood environment and his love for soap operas,then essentially wrote, acted, pre-record their lines and directed his own own-going soap.

There have been many episodes and shows that have followed since his original presentation in 2002. Kalup's professional career is well documented and can be found in many creditable news and entertainment outlets, in addition to working along side many talented individuals, one of the more know ones is James Franco and his role in General Hospital. His works have also been displayed in the Moma PS1, you can find out more about his work on his Wikipedia page

What you'll expect at the For Locals By Locals show on the 25th, is a clip of a new emerging character, a cousin who was presumed dead or missing ans is introduced to the show. Following the clip, he will be presenting himself as this character, in full costume, ending with a musical performance.

I highly encourage listening to the unabridged podcast we did together, as-well-as watching his thesis. 

Meirav Gebler - redirecting the conventional

Meirav Gebler - redirecting the conventional

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