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The Deep: A review.

The Deep: A review.

Due to the large amount of requests of people asking me for places to go, I decided to start creating 'My recommended events of the week'.

The first of these posts were posted yesterday, and I have garnered a great response. As I personally go to these events, I will be placing my reviews here as well.

THE DEEP @ Tutu's in Bushwik - A review 

Let's start with talking about who are and what is 'The Deep'. The Deep is a collective of NY based house DJ's (of whom I happen to have personal relationships with), who preform their own events around Brooklyn. The collective consists of:

MR. Jpatt - The Knocks
Juan - Free Radicals
David kiss - Like Diamonds
Luka Son of Wolf - Like Diamonds
Will Buck, and , Noah Souder-Russo (NSR)

Between the 6 of them, they can put on quite a show.

My Review:
Tutu's is a great spot for going out on a weekend, they have good food, and host decent DJ's pretty regularly.

I got to Tutu's around midnight, walked in through a friendly door security, and make my way to the back.
The party had already began with some familiar tunes and people bopping to the beats. The atmosphere was warm and inviting; which is a good thing when it comes to parties. It wasn't too crowded and the attendees were full of great energy, filling the room with faces bright with enjoyment.

The DJ's spun some great music, and it felt good to dance.

I left the party at 3:30am, which is a bit early for a Friday night. Overall a great night and I'm glad I came out.

See more about The Deep, by following their Facebook page at

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This weekends Places to go: 7/3-7/7

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