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A G Poem - prophecy through poetry

A G Poem - prophecy through poetry

AG Evans, aka AG Poem, is what I would like to introduce as, a genuine verbal master in the expression of love.
AG, a "Broooklyn'er to the hardcore" as he calls himself, started to understand the power of the poem, as early as 14 years old in high school. He describes his first encounters with poetry, as a desired approach to please the girls in his class; a kind of sensual ice-breaker. He would recite the few poems he knew from Langston Hughes and Shakespeare, noting their effect. He then for himself, started writing love letters; letter that he would want to receive himself, followed by composing just plain letters, provoking the thought to write for other men who could use it for their own relationships.

Poetry didn't really take a major role for AG until later in life, when he encountered his own relationship. He was dating a woman in uniform at the time, when he recalls "I just wanted her to know how I felt about her, but was finding it hard to relate that verbally." The realization came to him, perhaps sitting-down and writing his feelings poetically, then memorizing his words - but not really having to memorize them because they came from him - would help. After this realization, things went well for AG, to the extent that he created his first real poem, one that he recites continually and with as much appreciation for it as when he wrote it; appropriately named it 'Only Through your Grace', giving thanks for realization that this is a gift .
Clearly being a high-point in his life at the time,he recalls how extraordinary he felt through the power of the poem, so I asked him if he would share the power poetry played in picking him up at his lowest point in life. He went on to explain, how it was the very same relationship that showed him the power the other end of the poetry spectrum can play. After the relationship ended, he was heart-broken, and recalls how he used poetry as his therapy to lift himself back-up, and bring him a deeper more profound appreciation his passion for the art possesses.  

Another poetic milestone came a bit later in life, when he was spending time with his daughter. No longer married, AG spent time with her on the weekends, remembering and applicable memory of a poem he created with his then 8 year old daughter, which he recites by memory, following by this very dear remark he makes to his daughter's praise of his poetic expertise. 
A Great Poem - " A great poem I inspire to write, because of your love - I'll do it tonight. It's in my heart, while pen in hand, I'll do it the best, because I know I can! Next to the bridge is where it will happen, writing this poem in Brooklyn instead of snapping; fate is funny it brings me home - with the thoughts of you and I, writing a great poem" (7:23 mark on the recorded interview placed below)  

Following this poet, his daughter remark: "You know dad, you're going to be a great poet" to which he responds to her, " and you are my greatest poem!"

This experience motivated AG to more seriously write on a daily bases, making personal strides not just as a poet, but as an artist, applying himself to writing, painting and drawing. 
When asked to share some wisdom he has learned throughout his poetic journey thus far, and what he can give to others as motivation, here is what he responded: "there is a common denominator in everyone's life - were we search for love (love in terms of meaning and purpose in life), search deep with-in yourself and find that purpose, that center that envelops you and drives your love, then find comfort is giving that love to others- reaping the untangle rewards of receiving through giving" 
We end our interview with a poem he wrote, summing up this translation of 'love' - called 'A friend indeed': 
"You are a friend I would like to spend more time with... you're warm, caring and very sensitive. What has taken us so long to meet!? that really doesn't matter, all I know is that you're sweet; and all of this said with-out a taste, see I find it much to important time to waste. I want to know you, your light, your style - I love your walk, your posture and your smile. A friend indeed is how I think of you, you're in my dreams, you're as real as Blue. Can we? might we? perhaps we will - a friend indeed until the hill. Let's climb together ans should we reach the peek, remember, a friend in-deed is what I seek" (18:03 mark on the recorded interview placed below)  

Photography By: Alexander Jorgensen

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