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Rivkah Kamensky - Yoga Everywhere

Rivkah Kamensky - Yoga Everywhere


 Rivkah Kamensky, also known as Rikki, is a local yoga instructor and holistic Licensed Massage Therapist, with a passion for sharing her relatable wealth of knowledge in these fields. She will be discussing her yoga philosophy, and demonstrating her asana styles (physical poses), at this week’s For Locals By Locals IX event. 

In our interview, I asked Rikki how she found yoga, and how she has benefited from it to the extent that it motivated her to became an instructor – here is what she answered: “For many years I worked for a financial firm in Downtown Manhattan, like many, I had a desk job and eventually grew in the company even began making good money. However, I always felt a lack of fullfilment, I needed a sense of purpose in what I was doing, a subconscious desire to help people. When I found yoga, I liked what it taught me and how it made me feel, but it wasn’t an instant fit. Being a Scorpio with lots of fire-y energy, I needed yoga to not be boring yet calming. I also wasn’t ready to let go of my fun lifestyle and fully commit to an extreme change, so I had a hard time adjusting to just any style of yoga.”


In a continual search to find the right balance, yoga became more than just an outlet for relieving stress, she was discovering deeper meaning to her life through it's asana (physical poses), breathing and philosophies; leading to a strong curiosity about its ancient roots. After trying hundreds of different yoga classes around NYC, Rikki yearning to understand more, traveling to Australia, Cambodia, Bali, Thailand, California and Miami, finding sanctions and self-peace during her journey. After this eye-opening experience, she went on to become a certified Yoga Instructor, following the example of her teacher, Sri Dharma Mittra, by combining his mastery and methods, then combining her collected worldly knowledge, translating that to the gifted balance between inspiration, aspiration and lifestyle.

 “I started with giving private sessions in people’s homes, guiding individual active lifestyles by overlapping yoga asana and philosophy; as rewarding as that is though, I’m not reaching enough people who are trying to find their own balance.” In the spirit of wanting to share her common goal, Rikki has formed ‘Inhale Brooklyn’, a soon-to-be center for classes, coaching, therapy and message; a health haven for the public to join without expecting only one format of yoga, on the contrary, combining many methods of yoga and forming classes and treatments with a balanced approach.

 Rikki is always working on her yoga practice and mastering the art of balancing life and combining yoga asana and philosophies, proving to Brooklyn with a sense of comfort that it doesn’t have to be all or nothing.

 I finished my interview by asking Rikki to share a few words of wisdom and inspiration, something that others can use to motivate themselves and implement yoga more fluidly into their lives – here is what she answered:

 “You don’t need to spend 3 hours a day going to a class, (45 min to get there, an hour and a half of yoga, 45 min to get home) - we don't always have time for that. Feel free to go online and find videos, spend an ideal amount of time for self-care, even if it’s 10-15 minutes of practice in your home. There is no need to feel pressured, yoga is not just about the asana (postures), but also about un-attachment, stopping self-judgement, deep breathing and self-love - I say "yoga everywhere" whether it's in the airport or on the street, you can breathe and stretch everywhere. If you're not feeling up for anything physical, take a few minutes, close your eyes and just breathe.”

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