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Theo Boguszewski - Theo the metaphorical backbone, the super-glue & the humble bad-ass

Theo Boguszewski - Theo the metaphorical backbone, the super-glue & the humble bad-ass

Every summer, us ‘kids’ living in the magical sweat-pool of the New York Metropolitan Area, get the opportunity to meet a ridiculous amount of people who we may or may not ever see again. This summer all of us spending our Wednesday nights at For Locals By Locals, got the opportunity to meet Theodora Boguszewski aka Theo.

Without an official title, Theo is the metaphorical backbone, the super-glue, the humble bad-assness that keeps the Hoover Dam Collective in motion. Obviously she has the support of a strong network of individuals, some of whom perform regardless of their busy schedules or popular names, and others who take time out of their schedules to lend a hand setting up, taking photos or creating flyers in a moment of need. However, Theo is inarguably the chick who keeps it going.

The interesting thing about Theo is that she doesn’t show her cards so easily, but has a way of making you feel close to her regardless of how much you know about her. It is for this reason it was especially exciting to hear that, this week, Theo would be presenting an unfinished piece that she has choreographed at multiple points along her journey.

Theo began dancing at 7 years old, she smirked (the cutest Theo smirk) and said,  “I started with ballet, just because everyone was doing it”. While she appreciates her background in ballet, she admits that it is a ‘one-sided piece’ of how she sees dance now. While Theo certainly lived up to every expectation one might have of a young ballerina, she looks back and says, “ I was only a fraction of the person I am right now”.

After deciding to attend SUNY Purchase as a Dance Major and Art History minor, Theo realized that her ultimate expression of herself was in choreography rather than being a dancer herself; “When you’re dancing for someone else, you have to look, dance and do the movements that they want you to. Choreography allows me to feel like this is something that I’m doing”.

At a certain point, Theo realized she needed an outlet for things that were going on in her life and in her mind; “This piece deals with the idea of a family dealing with tragedy and drama. People will die, there will be issues, there will be drama, it’s impossible to live in a family without the drama. But also, you’re family is always there”. The first, and original part of Theo’s piece began here.

The passing of Theo’s brother, Dante Boguszewski, at the beginning of this summer, inspired the second part of her piece. With acceptance and strength Theo said, “Things like this make people better artists and give them more depth as human beings. It makes us able to connect. It’s funny, our society really doesn’t know how to deal with death”.

Theo curates the talent for all of the Hoover Dam Events, and aside from the occasional impromptu dancing, rarely showcases her own talents. Come watch her piece as it is a rare opportunity. This Wednesday night at Mister Rogers. 


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