How I got to now

Avi Werde

I started his business life at a very young age, which allowed me to research the many industry intricacies. I started working for a caterer in my hometown, which exposed me to the inner mechanics of an event. This led me to explore new avenues into the 'art of event planning', embracing the long hours and hard labor that comes with this genre of work.

After finishing my studies as a liberal arts student, I went on to work in other areas of the hospitality industry. I continued with catering for a while, but it became clear that there was a need for a better exchange of qualified vendors; so I founded ECS in 2009. The purpose of ECS (Event Connection Source) was to establish open communications between client and vendor, by first gathering a vendor's qualifications and then making effective connections.

However an intriguing change occurred when I started producing events to market my company. I was constantly complimented on the high production value, and level of attention I was giving to the experience and attendees. So I started producing more meaningful events that would not only market the company, but also make an impact on the targeted industry. 

My first real exposure came from my event, ' My Big Fat Jewish Wedding' an expo with a focus on interactivity. 

With that motivation, I started getting involved in other productions, growing my experience as a producer, with the goal of making larger and more impactful differences. My industry experience extends to: Concerts, Galas, Art Shows/Galleries/Installations, Fashion Shows, Birthdays, Product Launches, Corporate Events, Festival management and production, Parties, Event Marketing, PR, etc. 

I love what I do and I always expanding my expertise of this fantastic industry. I continually interface the data of events, allowing people to enjoy, interact and become educated in the highest quality environments. 

Thank you for reading!

For details of my events or to hire me, see my resume here.